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More about Gibraltar

The Rock from the Spanish side of the border
Are we nearly there ?
BM Bear
Victory Habour
On the way up.
These Taxi drivers are mad, this is some white knuckle ride
First Stop
The small harbour you see is where the HMS Victory landed after the battle of Trafalgar 1805. To put sailors who died ashore who were laid to rest in Gibraltar. Apart from Nelson whos body was preserved in a barrel of brandy during the voyage to the UK and now resides in St Paul's Cathedral LINK
You can just see Morocco in the distance
Any excuse to get in on a photo opportunity
The Road up to St. Michaels Cave
Not much wider than the Taxi with only a rusty fence at best between the road and the edge.
Inside St. Michaels Cave
Inside St. Michaels Cave
4000 year old skill
BM Bear Siesta
Inside St. Michaels Cave
Inside St. Michaels Cave
Inside St. Michaels Cave
Inside St. Michaels Cave
Cave Entrance and Gift Shop
Second Stop
St. Michaels Cave
More about the Cave LINK
Cave Exit and Gift Shop
That guy reminds me of someone just can't think who !!!
In 1972 a slice 18" thick (45cm) was cut, revealing its interior structure. LINK
Nokia Camera phones are not the best at taking pictures in caves.
The Cathedral Cave is opened to visitors and makes a unique auditorium for concerts, ballets, drama and presentations.
A replica of one of two skulls found in the cave proving that the caves were used over 4000 years ago.
4000 year siesta sounds good to me.
Next Stop
BM Bear and the Barbary Apes
BM Bear and the Barbary Apes
That's the life sitting around all day looking cute for the tourists.
I have to go adventuring to get noticed !
Last Stop
The Great Siege Tunnel
For more on the Tunnels LINK
Holes were cut in the side of the tunnel to ease the fumes from the blasting. As you can see from the view this was the ideal place to place your cannons to keep the Spanish at bay.
The Tunnels in the Rock extend over 30 miles !!!
Lets have 5 minutes sit down after the up hill trek out of that tunnel
Ramdom Views From The Rock
Is this Les moonlighting ?